With proper cleaning and maintenance, the battery life can be significantly extended. We recommend PM intervals to be every 3 months for the batteries and 6 months for the chargers. This of course varies on the customers needs and usage.


The battery process:  $20 per battery


- We clean and neutralize the tops of the batteries. Removing any corrosion.

- We analyze and check open circuit voltages and take gravity readings for consistency.

- Cables, contacts and connectors are inspected for safety.


The charger process:  $18 per charger


- We inspect the imputs, outputs and internal components of the chargers.

- Check and set up high & low rates.

- Cables, contacts and connectors are inspected for safety.


Once the inspection is completed, a detailed report on the condition, care and usage is provided. During the PM, if there are any repairs required due to safety concerns, this will be brought to your immediate attention for authorization. All other recommended repairs or actions will be listed in the report and a quote provided.


Batteries have a finite life span. With proper maintenance, you can expect to realize a steady decline in costly repairs to your equipment. A decrease in expensive down time and an extended battery life and operation per truck.

Preventative Maintenance

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